Hi! I’m Laurie Ritchie

IMG_6006-150x150I’m smack dab in the middle of the biggest transformation of my life.  Transitioning from life as a stay-at-home mother, barely staying afloat with the responsibilities and expectations of that world, to a resistantly aging, hopefully wiser, truer version of myself!  Part of that has involved uprooting myself from the pews of traditional religion, finding Truth in wider and wider circles of spirituality.  I love this seeking journey, finding light right in the midst of ordinary existence.  It’s a passion to try to catch that in words so that I can awaken again, day after day.

Have you ever felt that all those years sitting in the church pews took you further from God, not closer?  That you end up with more questions and doubts than a feeling of solitude?

I want to suggest that God is not within a book or espoused by some seminary-trained man in robes, it’s within our hearts.  It’s in the humor and the tears, the mundane, the internal wounds that are constantly happening in our inner and outer world.  If we pay attention to the world around and within us, we’ll see the glory of God.  I’ve let go of needing certainties, being inspired rather, by the mystery around me and the discoveries I learn from within.  I am tired of learning about the Heaven to come, being much more attune to the heaven and hell we create for ourselves here on earth.  Every day, every experience is an opportunity for learning, for seeing the message that God has placed before us, so that we can grow closer and closer into what She/He intended.  My writing has become a mode of recognizing those experiences, sometimes with humor and humility, others in pain, to become awakened over and over again to the beauty of Her kingdom on Earth.



3 thoughts on “Hi! I’m Laurie Ritchie

  1. Hi Laurie,
    You story telling is real and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed those chips and salsa. thank you for the picture!

  2. You sound like you are on a journey that I started a long time ago. It’s taken over 30 years, but I’ve managed to leave a lot of what wasn’t me behind, thanks to my partner and a lot of friends in the Metaphysical community in and around St. Louis, Mo. Goddess be with you….keep on keeping on!! Namaste’

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