A spiderweb like lace amidst blades of grass
Glistens with fresh dew and irrigation.
Droplets shining in the sun on tiny fragments.
Such intricate work throughout the night-
O what faith admist impending catastrophe,
A spider throws its fate to All.
Is it faith or resignation
to follow our instinct and call
No matter the coming reaction.



I’m amazed by the turn of the seasons
The coolness returning after months of stifling humidity
Anticipating fall and football and dustings of white.
Time marches forward no matter your angst
Like the beat of a metronome, it continues
As your life feels bursts of anxiety or uncertainty
Tension that feels as stagnant as the retreating heat
Seeming to make time stand still
Yet it continues on in its steady beat
Awaiting a new day, a new season, a new outlook.

I’m amazed by my children growing before me
One day their sticky fingers holding tight to my leg
Another screaming “I hate you” in their angered wake
Growing into these confident, capable, beautiful souls.
Finding wonder in their minds, their friends, their stories
Joy for their lives as yet to unfold
and utter amazement that they came from me.

I’m amazed by the beauty in the trees surrounding me
As I walk each morning outside my back door
By the turn of the trail ahead of me, the sunshine-
a haze of broken rays through the leaves
as if God herself awaits me around the bend.
I listen to the beat of the music within my earpiece
pushing myself in rythym up each hill
and know that God envelops me with all this beauty
To draw me to my path.

I’m amazed by the kindness of others-
their attentiveness and care to listen to my woes,
to lend a hand, an ear, a note, or voice
when I’m feeling lost or broken or small.
Is it within all of us, this need to help
or is it a need for eternal connection to all?
Whatever it is reduces me to tears
in the compassion that is shown when I fall.

I’m amazed by my determination
to listen, to reach, to follow.
I can look back and be amazed by my progression
and sadness over my apparent slowness of giat.
Yet I’m absolutely amazed with my determined gait forward
no matter how steep the hill,
or what I come across around the bend,
Tenacity and strength within.

“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”

~Mary Oliver