Besieged No Longer

***(Written on the page:)

“As a child, I was an explorer of fields, catching grasshoppers in the sway of grasses.  I was a wanderer, drifting off with the wind to connect with friends; getting lost, but continuing to knock on doors.  I dared to enter the dark night to seek what I needed.  I was a singer of songs of my own imagining, a dancer who circled the air, her arms stretched wide.  I danced with the particles floating in a beam of light, delighting in watching them swirl.  I was a creator of beauty from scraps, weaving allure for gazing long.  I was a lover, full of smiles and tears, leaving love notes on your pillow.
ImageAs I grew, I was besieged by your messages to shape up.  Listen up and perform.  Compare and compete, see how you measure up.  Have purpose.  Stack up accomplishment.  Besieged by lines created, imaged by our fear.  Locked up in a cardboard box of our making, besieged from my light.  Shape-shifting by ingesting the white lie – a lie that perfection exists if you fake it long enough.

I am the butterfly!  I flit, I float, I flutter, I dance.  Dance in the winds of chance and possibility.  Sing in the mist of early morning rainbows. Grounding on stability in curiosity, for rest, for wonder, to shine my color – feeling drawn to yours, only to alight again playing in the shadow of my reflection.  Traveling far, carried by faith.  Lifting higher in the winds of a dream.  Besieged no longer.

Be free.

Be seen.”


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