Haunted No More

Image(written on picture)

“Once, I walked in the shadow of myself,  lurking down dark hallways, fearful of your light, fearful of being exposed for my nothingness.  I slinked in the corners of the room, drooling in hunger for what you apparently had, hungry for something I didn’t know, hearing whispers of what might be filling but everything turning my stomach, making me shrink away, becoming a transparent film of existence.  Shadows beneath unseeing eyes.  In the light of day, I was a shape shifter, a remolded chameleon, reshaping for your appraising eye, as my insides turned more to dust, sifting away through my fingertips.  Like sand in the hourglass, slowly emptying til I’m left with transparent glass – easily broken.

Until the butterfly flew through the house landing on my shoulder.  The shoulder, so fllimsy and transparent, hardly discernible in the dying light.  Seeing me, daring me to follow.  Her wings bright in color, her gentle winging brushing my cheek.   “Dare to follow, come out in the light! Dare to dream, with a desire so deep, you care not the outcome.  DAre to fly, the fear of falling no more, as you souar and dip and circle and dance in the winds of chance.”  Her colors, my colors, her wings – my own.

Daring girl, you are haunted no more..


2 thoughts on “Haunted No More

  1. What a beautiful marriage of image and word. It calls the reader into authenticity and daring. Thank you for putting your beautiful offerings out into the world.

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