Create in Us

Yesterday I tried too hard
tried to be your perfect me:
good daughter, good wife, good Christian,
instead of allowing this mysterious unfolding
to bloom into who I’m meant to be.
Yesterday I joined in the forcing,
the competition, the right/wrong,
the pew filled message of us/them, sin/reward
allowing you to be the author of my song.
Come join me on a journey
out beyond the judging 
far beyond the black and white.
Venture, each one of us, on
this open canvas to Love.
Allow yourself, each one of us
to let your color flow as One;
without plan, without image,
allow that still voice to sing to you
as it sings its love songs to me,
knowing that we flow in harmonious color together.
The illuminating white light that guides us all
is the combination of all our colors
blended into One:
Create in me
Create in you
We create as one
In One.

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