Who ever said

to quiet your voice

“A lady can’t speak so loud”?

When was it shameful

for wrinkles and moles,

and grey hair hidden from view?

Who ever said

that Popular was Queen,

a boy claiming You was true love?

Who ever said

that I couldn’t object

that making a scene was rude?

When’d I agree

to moosh down my thoughts

indiscriminate from you and me?

When’d I agree

to give up creating

in leu of a safe degree?

Was I confused

in becoming a woman

that my form was now viewed as a whore?

Did I cash in on beauty

coloring and tweezing

to grasp a pic in the mirror?

Did I cash in on me

in my trials with darkness

in a fight to become Your “me”?

Did I cash in on spirit

sell my soul to the devil

trussed up in a house with a cross?

Will someone step in

to say you’re not lost:

the journey’s a circle to YOU?

Can you hear a voice calling

distant and deep

growing louder each dance in the dream?

Did you know that waking

is a task of declothing?

Lighten your load til you FLY!

Did you know that the questions

are the start of your answer

when we can look in, not out.


7 thoughts on “Questions

  1. This is important work and should be posted many places … well-written, well thought out and well said. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what to say or not say, how to be or not – you have a good idea of who you are and I say, go for it! Great poem.

  2. I agree, it speaks to me, too, and should speak to every woman. I hope she is still writing, and publishing. What she has to say is important and freeing.

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