Get Your Goofy On

Ever feel like you’re just too damn serious?  Writing a blog about spirituality and the meaning of life is HEAVY shit!  Trying to figure out your purpose, how we can best change the world….sheesh….it’s just all too much!

There’s nothing wrong with a little silly in our life.  Sometimes, I miss my kids being little because it gave me opportunity to experience some ridiculousness through them. (But the arrival of the teenage embarrassed eyeroll put a crimp on my wacko!)  Oh we had fun.  Stomping through mud puddles.  Trying on crazy costumes.  Painting wild faces.  Dancing like a nut.  Getting the giggles until I peed my pants!

I need a little more of that in my life.  I think all this navel gazing and transformation crap can get too narrow a focus so that I miss the stupid.   Earlier this week, a couple friends from my spirituality writing group went to Maplewood, MO to Screamin’ Mimi’s (, co-owned by my friend’s daughter.  What a delightful place to get your silly on.  Filled with recycled goodies revamped into creative new styles, you may find youself walking out with a Monopoly piece hanging around your neck, or mens’ neck ties twisted into artsy scarves.  Here’s the three of us feeling beautifully goofy:

If you’re thinking we’re merely lookin’ too darn cute, focus in on the funky hair accessories.

I can never pass up a crazy hat:








Or sometimes just can’t keep the sillies from spilling out:





But my absolute favorite moment was when our daughter pleaded that we not come to her tennis match for some unknown reason so we sent Bud and Trixie in our place:








Yet these moments are MUCH TOO FEW!      I had to peruse through a zillion photos to find a meager few without some practiced, beautiful smile! (that weren’t also completely unphotogenic and odd.  Let’s not get too crazy in this wacky self-reveal!)  If I were a wee old lady (assuming we shrink in our old age) and were giving advice to my self today, I’d tell her “Lighten up a little! Get your panties out of a knot! When you get to your death bed you’ll realize it just didn’t matter that much!  LIVE alittle! Get your goofy on!”


4 thoughts on “Get Your Goofy On

  1. Nothing like a good belly laugh. Thanks for providing some of mine. Crawling under looked doors ring a bell, etc”

    • OMG….should have included that event since it was RECENT! Would have loved to have gotten a picture. The two of us, side by side, inching backwards under the dressing room doors because we’d both been locked out. ALMOST giggling so hard I peed. 🙂

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