I love this blog, this artist.  He’s actually my cousin’s old pastor from her church, The Vineyard, in Saint John, New Brunswick, who left two years ago.  I can see that many of his posts/art come from the pain of leaving the church.  Though I don’t feel that same darkness in leaving mine (of course, I didn’t preach its sermons either), I completely understand his message in his blog.  I wholeheartedly agree with the majority of his posts and would recommend the Naked Pastor to anyone in a spiritual transformation.

But some days, it’s lonely.  We realize that we’re on the path alone.  That despite having true friends, no one knows or understands your personal journey.  In fact, they hinder it if you try to bring them along.  (or at least that’s my experience, as I over-try to make my journey *their* journey and hope I gain understanding if not approval)  It’s a path that needs to happen on my own.  I’m excited for that freedom finally being in my hands.

But freedom can be scary.


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