Building Muscle

Why is it so hard to keep up a healthy routine of diet and exercise?  When I’m consistent, I know how I feel; more energy, walking on air with a generalized feeling of strength.  And of course, that feeling of being “in shape”, with less wiggle and squish, fitting into everything you put on, and feeling proud when you look in the mirror.  So why is it so damn hard to be consistent?

Cuz, it’s hard work, dammit!  It should be that the memory of those good feelings overrides the sweat and ache and sacrifice, but maybe I’ve never consistent enough to have that constant memory.

Too, isn’t it frustrating how quickly you backslide?  I just had a full 4 day weekend of social activity where I’d allowed myself a bite of this or that, a drink here and there.  My jeans are now cutting in at my waistline when I sit down for any length of time and the scale read 4 lbs heavier.  Really?  A lb a day for each day I slacked?  It wasn’t that much!!

Add in our psychological regimen.  Don’t we feel better if we spend the recommended amount of time in meditation each day?  If we actively mark out moments each day to decompress, spending those parts in solitude and quiet.  Time to write or in reflection or gratitude.   Or for me, time spent in creative activity.   I know how good I feel when I’m consistent.  I know how much my day unfolds with less turmoil and emotional jigsaw puzzles.  Can you imagine if there was a scale for measuring your peacefulness?  Mine would be fluctuating all over the place!

O Creator, help me to be consistent with what I know is healthy.  Help me to remember the gifts it brings to my body and soul.  I’ve proved over and over that I can’t do this one on my own.  Help me to push past the road blocks in my mind that make this harder than it needs to be.  Remind me of the peace within your grace.   Help me to honor this body and mind you’ve created by treating it with the utmost care!


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